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We welcome you into the HeartSpace studio, a place to heal body and mind.  We believe the body is always seeking equilibrium and harmony, and has a powerful innate capacity to heal itself given the right conditions. Our massage and bodywork aims to address the concerns of your physical body whilst harmonising the non physical aspect helping you reconnect and realign physically, mentally & emotionally, a true healing experience.


Massage & Bodywork done on a regular basis has the power to completely transform you from the inside out.  By investing in yourself you're helping to create positive experiences and relationships in every facet of your life.  We stand by the power of the work we do.


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My ethos lies directly with that of HeartSpace, which is to provide heart centred treatments to nourish and transform.  I have an integrative approach to bodywork drawing on speciality modalities and  20 years experience in massage and healing.


I am dedicated to helping you heal in body, mind and spirit through powerful bodywork delivered in a way that is both illuminating and transformative.  We cannot separate our emotional selves from our physical selves but we can drop through the emotion and see what's really happening, which leads to the transmutation of pain and suffering.  It is my joy in helping you do this, connecting you with your true self through strong and focused sessions.

Liana has a strong grounded presence, is most at home in nature, and loves to travel off the beaten track.

She holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science,  Diploma in Remedial Massage, Level 6 KaHuna Bodyworker, Certified in Traditional East/West Cupping, a Reiki practitioner and is undergoing training in Shamanic Healing., and has studied Cranio-sacral Therapy,  She meditates daily, practices yoga, climbs trees and talks with animals.


Remedial trained, and a very passionate bodyworker, my approach to treating the body is a combination of clinical remedial techniques and KaHuna bodywork. I address the body holistically to trace the original causes of pain and discomfort using  a skillset that focuses on bringing the body back to homeostasis (balance), a state in which healing is the most effective.

I have also trained in Chi Nei Tsang, a comprehensive approach to energising, strengthening and detoxifying the internal system. It clears negative influences and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, lumps, scar tissue, headaches, menstrual cramps, poor blood circulation and back pain. I have also had success assisting in the regularity of female menstruation, as well as improving the fertility of women.

An important aspect of being an holistic bodyworker is committing to my own personal and professional development. This enables and enhances my ability to support and encourage my clients through their wellness journey





I've been a muscle therapist with a Diploma in Health Sciences for over 15 years. I love helping individuals achieve their optimal goals whether that be minimising pain, enhancing relaxation, body awareness or injury recovery. 

My treatments focus on the current issue you are experiencing whilst acknowledging underlying causes and I work in a methodical manner that honours the extrinsic muscles and then addresses the instrinsic muscles.

Throughout my career I've worked with various elitel athletes from Hawaiian Ironmen, Cirque Du Soleil & the West Australian Ballet as well as with my community to educate and support them in the benefits of muscle management programs.

My philosophy is about working within your comfort zone to shift you through your dynamic state at a pace that suits you.  I am here to support you on your journey to well being , constantly guided by the anatomy of your body.



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