Ka huna

Share the Bliss with a loved one


What is Couples Ka Huna?

Couples ka huna is where two people may dive into the experience of the dynamic and transformative ka huna massage simultaneously in a shared space.  Perfect for couples, friends or family members.  The energy raised during this treatment is a truly high vibration and you and your loved one will both be flying high after one of these.

What to expect

Both of you will be transported to a wonderful inner world of profound healing and transformation to return renewed and revitalised as the therapists weave the magic of Aloha. Two tables situated side by side with two therapists, these sessions need to be booked in advance as they are not conducted in the HeartSpace clinic but in a lovely healing studio nearby.

   What are the benefits?

  • With a dual session, both of you are able to relax and rejuvenate at the same time and rejoice in knowing that the benefits are being reaped by both of you

  • Both of you will be more comfortable, free from pain, stress and anxiety which leads to more fruitful and profound interactions

  • Perfect if you have both been through emotional upheaval or a stressful experience as Ka Huna is both nurturing and supportive

  • By coming into the session with a shared intention we are able to generate a colossal amount of momentum for that intention to manifest

  • Enhanced Bonding -  incredible opportunity to bond with your partner/friend as there’s something that connects you together emotionally throughout the experience and post-treatment you will both be in a shared place of wondrous contemplation

  • Increase Affection for One Another - you already know that massage releases feel-good hormones that allow you to feel more connected.  When you enjoy a couples massage, both of you reap the benefits of those hormones simultaneously with an increase in affection as a result

  • Refresh and Renew Your Relationship Have you experienced couples treatments before?  By taking the opportunity to do it can give you the chance to relax together, open up to one another, and give your relationship a fresh start

Prices are for 2 people

60 minute session $230

90 minute session $300

Please phone to make an appointment as these sessions cannot be booked online