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Harmony and Balance to Spirit Mind Body


Waves of healing aloha wash over you and help you connect with and transmute denser energies whilst opening you to receive abundance in all her forms.

This profoundly nourishing old style lomilomi from the Big Island is a sacred part of the holistic Hawaiian healing arts where the hands become an extension of the heart.  Using slow rhythmic movements you are harmonised into a new state of being where both mind and body become free and supple. This practice works gently yet deeply balancing masculine and feminine energies in the body and is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living. 

60 min session  $110

90 min session $155

90 min w Hot Stones $170

Benefits include:


·           Alleviate tension - physical, mental, emotional

·           Increase circulation – blood, lymph, energetic

·           Release toxins & emotional toxicity

·           Restore vitality

·           Reconnection to Self & spirit

·           Remove blockages

·           Instil a sense of connection and wellbeing

·           Beautifully cleansing and clearing for spirit, mind and body