Complete Recalibration

How would you show up in life without the handbrake of tension that inhibits your vitality?

What would you create if you could tap into that creative essence within you?

Delivered with potent nurturing touch 0ur relax & renew massage benefits you at both

the physical and mental levels.

We understand that relaxation massage is not necessarily light pressure. We find a strong,

deliberate yet nurturing touch yields more favourable results as the body

and the mind soften releasing unwanted stress and tension so you may find freedom,

lightness and clarity.

Our studio is a sacred space of peace and renewal, and the moment you arrive you

will feel the call of the deep soothing energy which abides here.  By honouring  yourself

and cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself you deepen your  relationships with others.  

   Benefits include:


·           Reduced muscle tension

·           Pain reduction

·           Improved circulation

·           Stimulation of the lymphatic system

·           Strengthened immunity

·           Reduction of stress hormones

·           Relaxation/ease anxiety

·           Increased joint mobility and flexibility

·           Improved skin tone

·           Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries

·           Sense of wellbeing & peace

·           Improved sleep

·           Connection with higher self

·           Reconnection to self

·           Improved relationships with others

60 minute session $99
90 minute session $145
120 minute session $180